Water Damage in Drexil Hill PA

The first two pictures below show wet and blackened wood.  If you look closely towards the bottom of the shot, running parallel with the center piece of framing, is the cracked stack pipe.  For this job, not only was the plaster removed, but as you can see in the last picture, the wood slats also had to be removed to expose the pipe and to clean the surfaces.

Water Damage in Wayne Pa

Overlooking routine maintenance to heaters/air conditioning units can lead to several problems, including water backups and leaks.  Condensate lines often leak from either being clogged or the pumps breaking.  The pictures below show damage to a finished basement where the unit leaked for some time prior to being discovered.

Window Well Leaks

Basement window wells that are unprotected or poorly constructed can leak into a basement causing flooding and mold growth.  Windows which are sub-level to the soil on the exterior need to be protected with window well guards or have drainage systems installed.  Windows, like the one shown below, which are above grade but have cracking and are long past their life span, should be replaced.  When water leaks into the basement behind drywall, you can replace the window to stop the water intrusion, but the interior walls will still need to be removed adding to the repair cost.  It is wise to inspect the surrounding areas of your home every month or at least every other month to avoid such damages, and do whatever is needed to prevent an occurrence such as this one show here.



Extreme Mold Damage

This is a set of photos from a home which sustained water damage from the second floor that was overlooked for some weeks.  The water traveled down to the first floor, and then heavily damaging the basement.  The basement photos show extreme mold growth everywhere, making many wonder, how can anyone live in such conditions

Extreme Mold Conditions

We wanted to show you what some homes look like when they’re poorly maintained and allowed to take water without proper repair and remediation.  This home had a water supply leak nearest the stack pipe which started off slow and then burst.  It caused first floor wall and ceiling damage, plus completely buckled the hardwood under the carpeting. The most extensive damage was in the basement, which now will have to be completely demoed and cleaned.

Window Leaks

Wood framed windows can be very appealing as the craftsmanship of wood is far better than metal capping.  But maintenance for these types of windows is vital, otherwise water damage may seep in and cause damage not only to the exterior wood, but also to the interior walls.  Pictured below is such a case.  The wood framing on the exterior was being neglected, and now water seeped in behind the framing and stucco and damaged the interior walls and sheathing.  The remedy for this type of water damage will now include removing not only the framing, but also the stucco so that the sheathing can be replaced since it’s compromised.



Water Loss Philadelphia

Pictured below is a set of photos showing a flooded basement from a cracked water line. The photos show the basement prior to the water being extracted, after the required removal of all affected materials, after the damaged contents were removed and just before the equipment was set up.

Mold Growth Due to Plumbing Issues

These pictures show a bathroom in a commercial building where the plumbing for toilet and urinals were slowly leaking and over time caused serious mold.  The water damage and mold caused two of the three bathrooms to be nearly demoed completely.  The connections made by the plumber were inadequate and overtime began to cause a slow drip.  Visit our website at BIOWASHING.com