Mold on Flooring

Many times with leaks in homes that have wood flooring, home owners dismiss the damage that may be under the floor.  Even when the top of the floor looks like it is dry, the bottom of the decking and also the subfloor could tell a totally different story.  As show here, what seems to be a small leak resulted in mold growth to not only the bottom side of the wood flooring, but also the subfloor.  If you should have a leak in your home, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Having a professional water damage restoration company or mold remediation company evaluate the damage could save you from a bigger issue down the road.


Mold Remediation Before & After

Here are a few photos showing a mold remediation project prior to the wood being encapsulated. Always remember, encapsulating in white isn’t a bad option, but some mold remediation contractors insist on it because they’ll use regular primers and also because they do not want you to see how they cleaned the surfaces.  For us, white is only an option when the customer chooses it.

Minor Kitchen Leaks

Sometimes what appears to be a small leak, can result in major water and mold damage. These photos show a kitchen in Newtown PA, where a leak under a sink caused major damage not only to the cabinets, but the walls behind them and the sub flooring.  Some of the cabinets had to be removed, while the back splash and walls needed to be cut out in order to properly clean and dry the home.  This is just a few of the photos, as more cabinets and the ceiling in the basement below, also needed to be removed.

Kitchen Leaks

Not long ago, we discussed the potential damage a slow leak can cause when not repaired. Pictured below shows that exact case in point.  A leak under the sink that went undetected for some time, and then when it was finally noticed wasn’t taken too seriously caused this finished kitchen to become unfinished.  Mold and water damage rotted the backs of cabinets and drywall, while also grew on appliances, all of which needed to be removed and structurally dried.

Cheaper Prices

When bidding joist or attic work, home owners can get varying prices from a few thousand to sometimes over ten thousand.  But why are some prices very low?  Beyond material cost which attributes to a lot of price discrepancies, most companies have inexperienced laborers and outright horrible work ethics, which leads to jobs being done wrong.  Their cheaper prices basically translate to cheap work, and this can be a huge problem when dealing with mold remediation.  Aside from cross contamination and a slew of other issues, some jobs may cost you double if not triple to redo after a company’s work has failed.  Pictured below is a crawl space where a remediation contractor claimed to properly remove and encapsulate the mold covered surfaces.  Within a few months, the mold was back, and we were called to fix it right.  When hiring a mold remediation contractor you have to remember you really do get what you pay for.

Water Damage in Wayne Pa

Overlooking routine maintenance to heaters/air conditioning units can lead to several problems, including water backups and leaks.  Condensate lines often leak from either being clogged or the pumps breaking.  The pictures below show damage to a finished basement where the unit leaked for some time prior to being discovered.