Water Damage Restoration Equipment

When a home incurs a water loss and the structure needs to be dried, there are several pieces of equipment you may see in your home.  Depending on the type of loss and it’s severity does depend on what will be used.  Here’s a short list of some of the most common pieces of equipment used in water damage restoration.

Centrifugal Air Movers – Centrifugal air movers, sometimes referred to as “snail shells” or turbo dryers, produce powerful, focused air movement. They can be used to speed-dry floors or even to “float” wet carpet during flood water restoration jobs.

Axial Fans – Axial air movers are designed for moving high volumes of air across large spaces and produce a lot of airflow. From enhancing evaporation during structural drying jobs to providing air circulation and ventilation to cool your work area, axial fans are suitable for use on jobs big and small, indoor or outside.

Dehumidifiers – These units are designed to remove moisture from the air and cavities while lowering relative humidity which can cause mold growth.

Air Scrubbers/Negative Air – Air scrubbers will clean the air inside an envelope by filtering the air through several HEPA filtered chambers, while negative air machines will take in air and release to the exterior with the aid of ducting.

Water Extractors – These units can be on wheels on mounted inside trucks.  They are specifically designed to remove water from any surface that has been damaged which helps the drying process dramatically.

Moisture Meters – These are handheld devices that can look for additional unforeseen water or to check that surfaces are dry.  These tools are vital in assuring that the drying process is being performed correctly, looking for water under flooring or in cavities and regulating relative humidity.

Cavity & Floors Drying Packages -F rom specially designed panels for drying hardwood floors to complete packages for ceilings, cabinets, and wall cavities, drying packages aren’t used often but needed for proper water restoration.