My Own Mold Testing Experience

After months of searching for a new home, my wife and I finally found our dream house.  A grand two story entry, a cookers dream kitchen with Wolf appliances, two story living room and a bedroom bigger than most apartments.  Our excitement was too much to contain and we even started planning what furniture we would buy for each room, and which colors to change.  There was zero doubt during the inspection period that I wouldn’t get a mold test for two reasons.  One being how often I preach of the importance of mold testing, and two, I own the company and perform all testings so it’s nearly free.  I was slightly concerned when I saw suspect areas on the joists in the basement and crawl space, and more anxious about the attic.  I took nine interior air samples and four lifts prior to submitting the results.  After a few days, the results came back with nearly nothing on the air samples, but failed in both the attic and basement for the surfaces tested.

Saying I was disappointed was an understatement, as I passed this house after we had an agreement probably thirty times, and even took my parents to see it.  So now what?  I approached this house as if it was someone else’s home, which it still was, and wrote an estimate which turned out to be just over thirty eight thousand dollars.  You see, the basement was big but the attic was massive.  If it was a small mold issue, it would only cost me material and labor to remediate the problem.  But this was very different because it would take three weeks to complete, and that’s something I can’t just chalk as a loss. After trying to negotiate with the home owner, we couldn’t come to terms and I walked away from the house.

The point?  I can see some people saying, “How can you own a mold remediation company and not see the mold?”  The answer is simple.  The areas were suspect and not definitive, and warranted testing to confirm.  I also sampled a few random areas that had no visible discoloration, and they too failed because mold is microscopic.  The greater point.  If I hadn’t followed my own suggestions to all perspective home buyers I would have been stuck with a major mold remediation project, even be it that I own the company.  Mold testing does not cost much, but what it can find can save you way more.