Proper Humidity Levels

Too often, homeowners can’t figure out how they got mold in their home when they never had a leak.  Humidity is never considered and many do not know the important role it plays in having a healthy indoor air environment.  In fact, when we see homes with leaks versus homes with high levels of humidity, the humid home usually will have a worse mold issue that is more widespread, than a leak which can be contained to that section. Humidity levels in a home should be between 35% to 50%.  Mold can thrive when humidity levels reach 60% and above, so keeping your levels below that will insure that mold can not grow.  Proper ventilation in attics and bathrooms will also help control humidity, as will a commercial grade dehumidifier in your basement.

An easy way to test for humidity is to purchase a hygrometer. Make sure to follow provided instructions for your model on how to calibrate the machine, and then set it up in a place away from sunlight or drafts for it to take a measurement.  These instruments can be purchased online and at most box stores and are fairly inexpensive.  Having such a device can help you stay on top of humidity levels and maintain a safe and healthy home.