Outdoor Mold Counts

We often field calls from home owners concerned about mold in their home because they are suffering from extreme allergies or adverse health effects they attribute to mold growth.  Once we test the home and the results come back, some are shocked to find out that they do not have any trace of elevated levels of mold in their home.  How can it be that they’re feeling sick and not have mold in their home?  Well, one reason could be how high the mold levels are currently outdoors.  My last test yielded an outdoor sample of 24,320.  During the winter months, the same sample may come back between 200 and 400, so you can see how high the count is today which is August 15th, 2016.  Some people spend their times outdoors and when they come in the house they start feeling the effects of the outdoor air quality but attribute that effect to the indoors because now they’re inside.  Others may have a delayed reaction from when they finally come inside the home and again, think they must have mold.  Now, this isn’t to suggest never testing your home and simply assuming that it must be pollen and mold outside causing your problem, but it is a fact to consider when trying to figure out what’s wrong.  For most companies, they’ll always tell you that mold must be present in your home for they hope to get a remediation job out of it.  But doing your due diligence can help you solve or identify your issue, while also savings needlessly spent monies.