Thanks to Philadelphia Police

As a resident of Philadelphia, the Democratic National Convention has come to an end and with it, thousands and thousands of visitors will be leaving the city and doing so without incident.  First handedly, I watched protestors peacefully demonstrate while others yelled at police and all the while, the men and women in blue said nothing and kept composed. At Broad and Pattison Avenue, the city truly looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before, with people sleeping in tents in FDR park, a farming protestor walking with an alpaca, hundreds of flags in various colors and an eight foot fence stretching all the way to the Navy Yard.  Along the streets, hundreds of police officers stood by, keeping the mass crowds in order while enduring the first major heat wave of the summer.  Real feel temperatures were over one hundred degrees, and through all the people, the emotions and the fact that the DNC didn’t want a uniformed officer to be shown on camera, the police department maintained the streets to be safe.  They endured shouts from frustrated pedestrians and motorists because of the heavy traffic and road closures, and still kept composed and did a fantastic job.  So we would like to thank the Police department and all members of law enforcement who worked the long hours in the heat to keep the streets, the residents and even the protestors safe during this convention.