Breakdown of Basidiospores

Basidiospores are known as “higher fungi” or true mushrooms and are a general category of sexual spores that have been released from the basidium of a fungus.  This group of spores is ubiquitous in nature and is mainly found in gardens, forests, and woodlands.  Basidiospores are moisture driven as their spores disseminate during rain or in times of high humidity.  The presence of these spores at levels greater than those of the outdoor environment may be an indicator of fungal contamination and water damage inside a building.

Basidiospores can be an indicator of a wet environment, so if found in a basement, it can be telling you that you have a wet or high humidity room in your home which needs to be addressed.  Because this type of mold is associated with wood rot, it’s also an indicator that there could be wood in the environment which is wet, rotting or structurally damaged.  Even though this mold is not considered harmful to human beings, high levels of this mold on the interior of a property can show a wide range of issues.