Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Here’s a quick look at how to clean furniture and upholstery if something should get spilled or stained.  Remember, contacting a professional is always recommended, but if its a small stain or you decide to handle the issue yourself, follow the steps below.

Cleaning tips for fabric upholstery, leather, and wood furniture:

  1. Clean spills right away. -The longer a spot or spill goes untreated, the more difficult it is to remove. It can also lead to permanent color loss or, in the case of wood furniture, warping of the wood.
  2. Keep items out of the sun. -Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods can alter the color of the furniture. Keep windows covered when rooms are not in use.
  3. Pay close attention to fabric cleanability codes. -These codes can be found on the tag or label and indicate which type of cleaning agent can be used on the piece.
  4. If the piece is wet cleanable (indicated with a “W” on the care tag), use as little water as possible -Excessive moisture can cause permanent damage to furniture – even if it is wet cleanable. Use a hand tool specifically rated for upholstery.
  5. Apply a protector once the piece is clean. -Fabric protectors create an invisible, protective layer on upholstery fabric, preventing soils and liquids from sticking to the fibers, and giving the owner more time to clean the mess.