Varying Mold Prices

A few days ago I went into a home where the individual had mold in his crawl space and in the attic.  I was the third contractor at the property and his past two experiences were very different than ours.  After spending some time in the crawl space and in the attic and going over the process for remediation, I gave the home owner the price which turned out to be double the cost of both previous contractors and declared it would take twice the time to complete.  How’s this possible?  We’ve been in the business of mold remediation for over 18 years.  Not waterproofing, or home construction, or any other type of business who uses mold as an add on, but mold remediation and I can tell you this, if we’re taking four days to complete an attic and someone else is taking two or one and a half, something’s wrong.

Most so called “Mold Remediation Contractors,” haven’t the slightest clue of what it really means to remediate mold.  To them it means spraying chemical on a surface and then painting over it.  As I stood in the doorway hearing my price and work time is double, I simply asked, “Did you get a written estimate?”  He replied that he did and I followed with one last question, “In their estimate let me guess, they’re going to spray down the attic and crawl space with some sort of chemical, most likely what they call germicidal, and give it a wipe on the first day and then paint the surfaces the next, right?”  A smile came over his face as he asked, “How did you know?”

I explained to him that there’s so many steps missing with what they’re proposing and they’re not doing anything but painting your wood.  Hence the reason they’ll finish in four days, are half the cost, and insist on sealing the wood in white rather than clear, which doesn’t allow anyone to see if they really cleaned anything at all.  Mold remediation is expensive, and many contractors haven’t the expertise to properly handle a project and do use mold as an add on or avenue to sell something else like waterproofing services or refinished basements.  When you price out any job for your home you have to compare apples to apples of what you’re getting, and like most things, you really do get what you pay for.  As for that job, after extensive research on the customers behalf he realized what we were doing as compared to what the other contractors were proposing, and hired us.