The Newest Trend

After 18 plus years in the restoration business, we’ve seen product after product claiming it’s superiority over the rest time and time again.  Many companies push these products onto their customers only to find out later it failed to deliver on its promise.  One of the latest trends in the mold business is companies using stain removers, but not for removing stains, but for cleaning purposes.  Stain removers can be a great compliment product after the surfaces of mold have been thoroughly cleaned and treated.  But some companies are using them as a first step and quickly encapsulating the surface right after. There’s two logical reasons for this; One is that they don’t know any better and to them this is the best form of remediation that they can offer, or Two because they really don’t care about cleaning the embedded surfaces and rather just want to cash your check as fast as possible while convincing you all the mold is gone just because you can’t visibly see it. Some stain removers do a really good job at removing stains, and could give off the appearance that they’ve removed all molds, but this isn’t true.  The cleaning process for mold removal doesn’t change because of the effectiveness of stain removers.  They are still a product only for removing stubborn stains.  Even though the mold may look to be gone, only the surface staining is truly removed and the mold will once again return in a few days, weeks or months.  So, be sure to ask questions when hiring a mold remediation contractor in regards to their methods and the products that they intend on using, because if their system is to only remove the staining so it’s aesthetically appealing, you’ll be hiring someone else later when the mold returns.