Battery Backup Units

Many homes need the assistance of French Drains and Sump Pumps to keep their basement dry.  These systems work by having a perforated piping system which is installed below grade direct water to a basin pit which is then pumped back to the exterior even before the water comes to surface.  But with severe storms, power outages can cause these systems to fail and flood basements.  There’s a simple way to ensure that your sump pump continues to operate even when the power goes out: Install a battery-backup sump pump. This two-stage system includes a 120-volt electric sump pump connected to a 12-volt backup pump that runs off a deep-cycle marine battery. During normal operation, the electric sump pump will pump water from the pit. But if the electricity goes out, the battery-powered backup pump will automatically start up when the pit fills with water. An electric charger keeps the battery-backup pump fully charged so it’ll be ready at any time.

These units can be installed before and after the sump pump itself was placed into use. They can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the size and charge capabilities, but it will be money well spent.  Basements which need sump pumps and drains have excessive hydrostatic water issues and without them it’s very easy for a home to get flooded with a foot or more of water.  So if you’re having a new system put in or already have a sump pump, battery back up units aren’t a frivolous upgrade, they’re more of a necessity.