The Connection

Recently, I’ve been fielding quite a bit of calls from people who’ve hired an extermination company to either perform a termite inspection or simply to spray for bugs and then to find out that they have mold.  The exterminator will even go as far as to tell them that they have “black mold,” even though no testing was performed to determine the species or if it is mold at all.  There’s a few issues with this sales pitch.  One, you can never determine the type of mold without proper testing, and in fact all mold, unless abundantly obvious, is suspect until tested.  Two, an exterminator is not qualified to indicate to any home owner that they have mold and what exactly needs to be done.  They can make a suggestion to have a certain section of the home checked, but they can’t tell you what should be done.  And lastly, this particular extermination company is owned by a disaster restoration company who performs mold remediation.  See the problem?

There’s a reason this company who specializes in Termites, and I’m not going to name them but if you do a little research it won’t be hard to find out who since they say who they’re owned by, is trying to upsell customers into mold remediation work.  Also, two of the last three customers who they claimed to have mold didn’t.  One customer had efflorescence while the other customer just had staining from possibly dirt. I say this over and over, but if you have a plumbing issue, you don’t call an electrician, so if you have a mold problem or a suspected area, don’t take advice from an exterminator who has a vested interest in getting more work.  And there’s a reason why real mold companies have to carry Consultation Insurance.  It’s because if we make false claims or inaccurate reports we are liable and could be possibly sued.  So taking advice from someone not even in the industry can be the worst advice you’ve ever taken.