Checking Your Attic

An attic is the one room of the home that often is overlooked.  Because most attics are not used and some are just for storage, it becomes one of those “out of sight, out of mind,” kind of things.  But checking your attic from time to time is quite important especially because it is an early indicator of several issues that may effect your home.  First, checking your attic for any leaks will allow you to see if there’s any issues with your roofing or chimney.  The first stage of water infiltration from the roof will penetrate the attic and then the interior ceilings of the home.  Secondly, checking that all fans are in working condition allows you to monitor the humidity, and hence, check to see if you have any mold issues.  Mold remediation in attics is a very expensive and an extensive project that takes any where from several days to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the attic and costs thousands of dollars.  If the attic is susceptible to water damage or high humidity, then mold growth is very likely.  Third, making sure your insulation is not compromising the eaves is also vital to air flow and prevents high humidity.  It’s easy to see if there is a problem with your eaves because if you do not see sunlight coming from the exterior at the far edge of the attic, then your eaves need clearing or your insulation needs adjustment.

So remember, just because your attic may not be a room that you use every day or even at all, doesn’t mean that it should be ignored.  Checking the insulation, looking for any holes or leaks in the roof and monitoring the humidity can save you money from costly water damage and mold remediation in the future.

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