One More Night of Winter

Spring can’t seemingly get here fast enough and today we brace for a wintry mix with the possibility of snow even though it’s April 9th.  With that being said, this is a quick reminder to avoid costly water damage to your home which then could result in mold growth from broken pipes.  The last few weeks the weather has spiked to the 70’s, and many people have turned their spigots back on to wash their fronts, cars, etc.  Those pipes should be drained and turned back off today prior to the temperature dropping below freezing.  In the Delaware Valley, we could see the temps dropping to 25 degrees, and that’s enough to cause pipes to freeze especially if the water is on.  This could cause swelling within the copper and a crack that will result in water damage to your home.  Water damage restoration is the process of removing damaged materials while structurally drying the property to avoid further damage and the potential of mold.  If left untreated, then the initial loss will become more severe due to water wicking and also result in microbial growth which then will require extensive mold remediation.  So be sure to spend the few minutes of turning off your exterior plumbing, protecting any interior plumbing which is at risk, and save yourself what could potentially be thousands of dollars in costly water damage and mold remediation costs.