Attic Mold Scams

Here’s a brief example of an ongoing scam that is becoming more redundant.  Attic’s are some of the highest priced forms of remediation in a home because of the longevity and cost it takes to complete the job.  They usually average 4 to 5 days and can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 depending on size, workability and construction type.  But some so called remediation contractors are pricing out large attics for ridiculously low prices.  Why?  Because they’re just painting it.  All they do is spray them down with anti-microbials, which do not remove mold whatsoever, and then paint them with stain blocking paints.  This isn’t mold remediation, and in time, the mold will grow through the coating and will need to be redone.  But the price will now cost twice as much or more, because any material the previous contractor sprayed on the surface will have to be removed.  So, be sure when pricing out an attic, crawl space, basement joist job or any other remediation project, you look into why some prices are so low, because you’re not getting a deal, you’re getting scammed.