Quick To Conclude

On a recent trip to a property I was called out to, the home owner was concerned about mold growing on the ceiling in several locations.  After spending some time going over what the issue was and how it was to be remediated, she informed me of a different company who took a look at the basement and explained that she had mold on the joists.  So I went down and took a look and could see what they were saying was mold, but didn’t agree.  I explained to the customer, as I do to everyone, that without positive proof of mold growth, (like on drywall or plaster), all areas are suspect until tested.  I had told her that a lot of companies use this sort of tactic, where they go into a house for one thing and look around with a plan to find another even if it doesn’t exist.  She agreed and allowed me to take a few surface samples of the suspected areas.  Two days later the results came back showing she had no mold whatsoever.  So, if she had agreed with the other contractor who even went so far to say that she was going to get sick and that if she didn’t do the job the floors would have to be completely ripped up soon, she would have wasted her money.  And the next part that was bothersome, was the contractor telling her that all they had to do was spray the joists down with a “special chemical,” and the mold would disappear.  Once again it brings us back to the point I always try to make, and that’s to do your Due Diligence.  Mold Remediation, like every other business, has its good contractors and its bad contractors, and it’s your job to use your best judgement to weed them out.