Bulk Sampling For Mold

Bulk Sampling is another technique used for direct examination. A direct exam allows for the immediate determination of the presence of fungal spores as well as what types of fungi are present. Direct examinations should only be used to sample visible mold growth in a contaminated area since most surfaces collect a mixture of fungal spores that are normally present in the environment.  Bulk Samples can be taking such as items as small pieces of drywall, plaster, paper, etc., that have suspect areas of growth and can be placed in a sterile container or new plastic bag to hold and properly transport to a lab for analysis.


  • The direct exam is inexpensive, and can be performed quickly.
  • A useful test for initial site sampling.
  • Direct examination of a surface indicates all mold present in a given area.
  • Direct sampling may reveal indoor reservoirs of spores that have not yet become airborne.

Bulk Sampling is very similar to all direct lift samples, except the suspect area itself is actually extracted from the area and placed into a bag whereas Surface or Tape/Swab sampling takes a lift of the suspect area onto a slide or the Swab itself and sent to a lab.

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