Attic Check

Seemingly the predominant call as of late is home owners discovering mold in their attics.  Now is the time of year to inspect your attic, especially after a cold winter and the possibility of condensation due to over insulating or poorly vented attics causing growth on the wood.  If you discover discoloration, getting a surface sample will decipher whether or not you do have mold.  Remember, attic mold is the highest cost of remediation in our industry, so being sure that you do in fact have mold, versus just discoloration or dirt, could save you thousands of dollars paying a contractor who just tries to convince you that you do have a problem.  If you haven’t checked your attic in some time, this would serve as a good reminder to make it apart of a routine in your home maintenance.  Check out several other blogs we have on attics,from repairs to maintenance.

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